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Thus, The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows you to send prescriptions direct to our pharmacy, Hot Chemist through IT systems used in GP surgeries. Therefore, EPS will remove the requirements for most paper prescriptions and most likely, make the repeat prescription refill process much more simple. Prescription medication delivery is another job done! You medication delivered direct to your home using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service available here at Hot Chemist. In conclusion, we are here to help.

As a result, this service might just be the best service in the UK. So why not try us and complete this form today. What's more is that you can order products from our online store at the same time. What a result and especially great if you love online shopping. We're based in Milton Keynes, with English speaking staff on board to help you because we care. Firstly, fill in the form, secondly make sure you complete the required fields. Finally, check everything is accurate and then just press the send button. Lastly, please add your mobile number for text alerts and delivery updates, so that you can track your prescription once it leaves our pharmacy. Almost ready to sign up? So, what are you waiting for....lets go straight to the form and sit back and let Hot Chemist do the rest.